5 Things to Know Before Visiting Pakistan for the First Time

21 December 2020

Are you planning your first visit to Pakistan? Take PIA cheap flights to Islamabad from Birmingham. Pakistan is a great place to visit. It is a beautiful country with beautiful landscapes, having large deserts, mountains, rivers, and open fields. Pakistan has a diverse cultural history too. The Indus Valley Civilization and the Mughal Architecture are some of the main historic attractions in the country. Along with that, you find a different variety of foods and friendly people.

When you are visiting any country for the first time. A good practice is to acquire as much information about the place as you can. This helps you get the best out of your trip and enjoy every moment. For a country like Pakistan, that has a variety of cultures, languages, and beautiful places. It is even more important to learn about the place. This guide will help you know 5 major things before visiting Pakistan for the first time.

Traveling in Pakistan

For traveling inside Pakistan, you need to make some necessary arrangements. These include booking accommodation, transport, and preparing your clothes. Be sure of the weather when you plan your visit. Keep your clothes accordingly. Booking in advance for accommodation helps you avoid high costs and booking delays.

The most important thing to note here is that some places are banned for tourists without a valid No Objection Certificate. So, make sure you ask your travel planner for those sites. If you plan to visit them, get your NOC to avoid any problems.

Learn Some Urdu Phrases

The most common and widely spoken language in Pakistan is Urdu. It is also easy to learn. In the big cities, you will find people who understand English well, however, at the hill stations or towns, you might find it a little difficult to communicate. Hence learning some conversational Urdu will help you there.

Carry Enough Cash

Pakistan is growing at a rapid pace and getting modernized too. However, there are still not yet enough systems to accommodate your payment gateways. Hence you must carry cash for your daily commuting, food, and other expenses.

Beware of Spicy Foods

Pakistanis love spicy foods. If you are not familiar with that taste. Be sure to test your tastebuds with fire. You must carry bottled water with you at all times. However, this does not mean that you won't try the local food. You cannot miss the tasty delicacies of Pakistani food. Do try it out. You might have to take care of the hygienic conditions though.

Bargaining with Traders

Do not miss shopping in Pakistani Bazars. You will find fixed prices and quality products in the upper market. You will also find local products in open bazaars. There will be some attractive handicrafts, handmade clothes, and accessories that you will love. Be sure to bargain a little with the shop owner or traders. That's more normal in open bazaars so do not get surprised with that.

These are a few things you need to know before your first visit to Pakistan. Have a safe journey and enjoy your trip.

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